Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sundays sunset party

Numero 1 was the venue. The last of a series of clubber's gatherings which were held every sunday evening till late. Local and foreign djs were busy cheering the huge crowd, music filled the air like invisible gas, human traffic jams at the bars and lots and lots of fun.
We decided to go there as a requiem for the last event and it was great!
Me, Joe, Claire and Nadia .... wild things we are! :)

More fotos on d way....

Monday, August 28, 2006

Epoka @ the valletta waterfront

Last week was a hectic week for the organizers of EPOKA. It's a festival of Maltese traditional food, wine and talent. The Valletta waterfront was the perfect location possible, with all its historical buildings and bastions going back to the 1500's.
Epoka was spread over a period of a week, with local talents and professional artists performing on stage every day till yesterday. I managed to go last wednesday and yesterday.

On wednesday there was a show with two of the best singers in Malta,Renato and Giorgina they performed part of another musical held many years ago called GENSNA. They sang about how Malta was under foreign dominancy and how hard for us it was to get hold of our country again especially during the war. Part of our history. After it was the turn of Greenfields. They play folk songs from the past and are now the experts on Maltese folk.

Yesterday it was the peak of the show. the last day. And they made it unforgettable with the talent of ZOO GOES EPOKA. Zoo are a "gang" of comic trouble makers. Once they're on stage be sure that you'll laugh your soul out.
Zoo managed to combine togrther all aspects of life of the past with today, politics and Knights, past and present, sex and innocence, money and law. Everything which we did. And still do, just in a different way. They are funny, ironically sarcastic :) and RUDE! They are the best!

Iwish i had the camera with me. But i forgot it home. Now, i 'll look for some on the net andpublish them.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


and yes we have another big one here in Malta .
this is going to be great! Erick morillo is truly one of my fave house dj! Ain't gonna miss it...........
(courtesy of XFM malta)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

just magnificent!!!!!!!

roger waters in malta

following the fantastic show from the AUSTRALIAN PINKFLOYD, the main tribute band to floyd, was the turn of ROGER WATERS the main man behind pink floyd to come and please our senses with his genious.
it was hard to take photos cos of the lights but here's what my cousin managed to take:).... thanks kug!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Paul Oakenfold in Malta

Considered one of the hottest dj's in the world, Paul Oakenfold, creates a boiling atmosphere among thousands of people attending his sessions around the globe.
And here he is in Malta, a tiny nanoscopic island in the centre of the mediterranean, but known for the dance events that happen in summer among turists from Italy across to china.
Radio adverts started weeks before, tickets were being sold fast, and everyone was waiting for the day to come.
And the day came!!
A hot summer night in Paceville (malta's most renown site for clubbing) Parking was a true hassle and those who parked distant, arrived sweating like pigs.
The venue was the Eden Ice Arena. So everyone was expecting a cool place whith powerful A/C's. In fact the place has temperature control equipment to keep the skating arena icy.
Thank God, entrance was not a problem, well organized and efficient. Security were to be found at every corner of the arena and emergency personnell were prepared for anything.
Police presence was strong, searching people for drugs and weapons, which in itself is a good thing. BUT, many of the officers present showed to many of us how arrogant, cheap, low, and bad mannered they are.
To cut this short smoking is prohibited in enclosed areas but many people chose to smoke anyway, cos going out was hard work and going back in was harder by the time the arena was full with 5,000 party animals at their peak. I was one of these smokers.
Suddenly out of almost nowhere came a gang of undercovers, 4 women and one man, straight to me and one of the "ladies" started shouting in my face, took the cigarette from my hand and jumped on it like a bloody kangaroo! i thought to myself : "this one is nuts!"
So i laughed back and told her to" stop blattering and move out of my face" and she looked at me like proper whore and moved away shaking her fat bum from side to side. In my opinion she could have just told me to throw it away and stop smoking but she chose to be an asshole!
A friend told me that the "gang" chief was a lady (or similar) that is known as the "45". an arrogant bitchy lesbian he said. Anyway, she proved it.
Then temperature started coming up quickly, THE A/C's WERE OUT OF ORDER!
Imagine 5,000 people in a closed building with outside temperature 36 deg C!!! hell broke loose really! it was so hot in there that the clothes were sticking, sweat ran like a squeezed sponge and my feet were slipping in their shoes.
An official from the health and safety dept. ordered for all exits to be left open and water to be given free of charge. A very good news as the bars were selling a lt of water for a sky high price of almost four euros!!!!!
and the venue had to be closed half an hour before.
Music was great though, local dj's were at their best and P. Oakenfold played heavenly.
If it wasn't for the police arrogance and the heat it would have been a fantastic night